Acoustic sound control solutions for the New Zealand cafes, restaurants, schools, offices and studios. Soundproofing foam nz
acoustic sound proof control solutions for NZ studios, home theatres, restaurants, bars and cafes. Polyester acoustic panels.
acoustic sound control solutions for New Zealand studios, home theatres, offices, meeting rooms, theatres and schools. Sound Proofing Foam NZ.

Polyester Acoustic Panels & Products for Home & Professional Studios, Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Offices, Churches & Schools


New range of white school acoustic panels available at unbeatable prices.

Order now for installation over the summer holidays.

School Classroom, Offices & HallAcoustic Panels, Acoustic Foam Panel NZ

Clients Photo Gallery. The Gallery shows a selection from the hundreds of studios, home theatres, schools, restaurants, gymnasiums, offices, halls and swimming pools throughout New Zealand.

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