Customer Photo Gallery

A selection of photos from over 500 home and professional studios, cafes, restaurants, bars, church halls, schools, gymnasiums, offices, home theatres and swimming pools throughout New Zealand using NZ Acoustics' panels and products.
Acoustic black panels on Bar & 
Restaurant ceiling. Acoustic Foam Panel NZ

Lone Star Bar & Restaurant

Black acoustic panels glued to the ceiling of this very popular new Lone Star Restaurant & Bar in the Spitfire Centre Christchurch.

Quote from the staff: "Last Friday night (our busiest night of the week) and the sound difference was remarkable! Not only was the noise from the guests somewhat nullified, the music sounded a lot sharper."
Acoustic beveled white panels on School classroom ceiling. Acoustic 
Foam Panel NZ

St Michael's School

White acoustic panels with beveled edges glued to the ceiling of an historic central Christchurch school classrom.

Note how the panels have been cut around the ceiling fixtures to provide a very classy look.
Acoustic beveled white panels on School classroom ceiling. Acoustic 
Foam Panel NZ

Recording Studio Control Room

Grey Designer Series acoustic panels and black Super Corner Bass Traps have transformed the acoustics and made this Control/Mixing room into a truly professional sounding and very attractive commercial sound studio. environment.
Acoustic panels on Nelson cafe ceiling. Acoustic Foam Panel NZ

Nelson Cafe

White acoustic panels suspended from the ceiling.

"Eight panels up and there is definitely an improvement. Thanks again for your response while on holiday. The trick with melting a hole was perfect - we used a nail and lighter - great trick."
Pine framed Acoustic panels in Vlogger's video studio. Acoustic Foam 
Panel NZ

YouTube VLogger Studio

Black acoustic wall panels with pine frames in the video recording Studio of a Vlogger.

"Honestly we could not have asked for better service. The panels are such good build quality and they look stylish! The sound we get is so much better now."
Acoustic panels on Christchurch cafe ceiling. Acoustic Foam Panel NZ

Black & White Cafe

Black acoustic ceiling panels on the ceiling of a brand new and very stylish Christchurch Cafe on Lichfield Street.
Acoustic panels on Pre-School ceiling. Acoustic Foam Panel NZ

Newstead Country Pre-School

White acoustic ceiling panels on the ceiling of a country Pre-School near Hamilton. The owners, having tried several remedies in this very noisy room, say "They work a treat".
Acoustic panels being installed on Kaiapoi School Hall ceiling. 
Acoustic Foam Panel NZ

School Hall

168 White Acoustic Panels were quickly and cost effectively glued directly to the roof of this new 18m x 18m school Hall in Kaiapoi.

Acoustic panels on School Classroom ceiling. Acoustic Foam Panel NZ

School Classroom

New style beveled white ceiling acoustic panels gave this classroom at a Christchurch primary school a different feel. With just 36% ceiling coverage the panels significantly reduced the unwanted reverberation. The panels were installed by the school maintenance staff.
Acoustic wall panels and suspended sound cloud panels in new drum 

Drum Room Acoustics Tamed

Black 50mm thick acoustic wall panels and suspended sound cloud panels in a recently completed drum practice and recording room.
The owner comments that "Sounds great, I'll be spending many hours in here thanks to those panels".
Acoustic panels on rear wall of Flower Auction Rooms.

United Flower Growers

Black acoustic panels have been fitted to the rear concrete wall of these Auction rooms to help reduce the reverberration from the PA System.
Acoustic panels on Hotel Restaurant ceiling in Central Otago

Hotel Restaurant

"We put up the panels yesterday, the whole job took around 4 hours and What a Difference!
The ambient noise in an empty room went from an average of around 40db down to 32db. Reflection wise the room is pretty much dead and the bottom end has tightened up on the audio in the room so

Black Acoustic panels on Cafe ceiling

Cafe Ceiling

A very busy central city Cafe in Christchurch. The black acoustic panels fit perfectly with the modern "industrial" look exposed ceiling.

The proprietor is thrilled with the results and says the cafe is now "buzzy but no longer rowdy" when packed with coffee lovers.
Acoustic panels on School classroom ceiling

School Classroom

A school Art Classroom in Christchurch. Often a very noisy environment - this Classroom was fitted with 36 White Acoustic Ceiling panels to provide both teacher and pupils a quieter, and more productive environment.
Acoustic panels on Cafe ceiling

Stylish Paraparaumu Cafe

Cafe with white acoustic ceiling panels. Just 12 panels made a tremendous difference to both the clients and the owners of this popular Paraparaumu Cafe and Restaurant.
Pine framed acoustic panels for New Zealand studios

Photo & Film Studio

A Queenstown photography and film studio with attractive pine framed acoustic panels on walls and ceiling. Note how the wall panels have 25mm spacers and the ceiling panel is suspended to maximize reverberation absorption.
Polyester acoustic panels & Gobos for New Zealand home 

Home Theatre Acoustics

A back wall acoustic panel and two corner Super Bass Traps reduce unwanted reverberation and improve the quality of the sound in this beautifully appointed New Zealand Home Theatre.
Polyester acoustic panels & Gobos for New Zealand Schools

School Classroom Ceiling

Ceiling Acoustic panels have dramatically reduced classroom noise for both teachers and pupils at Christchurch's Avonhead School. The majority of unwanted noise is created by floor to ceiling sound reflections rather than wall to wall. The 50mm thick panels will absorb not only male and female voices but also music.
Polyester acoustic panels & Gobos for New Zealand home studios

Home Studio Gobos

Home studio with two Gobos (folding acoustic screens) surrounding the drum kit and a suspended ceiling sound cloud. This stops cymbal splash when practicing and recording drums.
Polyester acoustic 
panels for New Zealand School Gymnasiums and Theatres

School Gymnasium

The reveberation in this large Canterbury multi-purpose Gym and Theatre was reduced from a whopping 3.00 seconds to 1.50 seconds with black impact resistant acoustic panels.
Polyester acoustic wall panels for New Zealand Community Halls.

Community Hall

Quote from Board member:
"We were barely half way across the ceiling and the builders and the Board members helping could sense the reduction in the echoing. Now itís finished there is a marked improvement in sound quality. I can report the Board is very pleased with the result and canít wait for the first crowd of people to be in the hall to hear the difference from previous."
acoustic panels and sound clouds for New Zealand professional studios.

Studio Sound Cloud

Three suspended acoustic "sound cloud" panels over the mixing position. These are designed to stop ceiling refelections which makes it faster to acurately mix and master songs.
White Polyester 
acoustic ceiling panels at Birchwood Intermmediate School.

Birchfield School Nelson

White Polyester Acoustic Panels on the ceiling of classrooms at Birchwood School in Nelson. The principal comments: "We are very very pleased with the immediate impact of the installation of the Acoustic Tiles. The teachers describe it as having a 'warming feeling' throughout the two rooms. The tiles have also certainly stopped what we would call an 'echo effect' across the rooms."
acoustic panels for New Zealand audio shops and listening rooms

Audio Listening Room

High quality audio listening room in Auckland. Includes corner and wall Bass Traps in an attractive design and very effective result for testing high-end audio systems.
acoustic panels for New Zealand church and community halls.

Church Hall

This beautiful and historic Christchurch Church Hall suffered from very poor acoustics. White acoustic panels on the end walls and ceiling have completely transformed it's sound and useability.
Super Bass Traps, panels & Gobos for New Zealand studios

Studio Bass Traps

Super Bass Traps placed floor to ceiling in all four corners of a popular Auckland recording studio to reduce low mid peaks and boominess.
Polyester acoustic 
panels for New Zealand Gymnasiums and Theatres.


The reveberation was reduced from 1.35 to 0.85 seconds in this multi-purpose School Gym and theatre complex by a range of acoustic treatments including 50mm thick Polyester panels above the ceiling perforated aluminium.

What our clients are saying:

"Thank you for going the extra mile by giving me your advice on my room. The panels work really well and I can now hear mix details I couldn't before. Magical."

"We've been aware that since we opened our new cafe, it can be a little noisy when we're busy and the acoustics haven't been great. NZ Acoustics Ltd ( we can really recommend these guys) have come up with a result that not only looks good, it actually works. For the boffins out there, we have reduced our sound resonance from 1.3 seconds (not brilliant) to 0.6 seconds. The latter is considered a good benchmark figure for restaurants and cafes."

"Excellent product, very powerful for taming unwanted bass and letting more of the music through."

"Great Gobo! Love it. Great absorption. Great results. A+"

"The imaging of my monitors has been enhanced - it places instruments so well that it feels like you could reach up and touch the sounds."

"Amazing, perfect product! Cannot believe it for the price! A++++++++++"

"Acoustic panels and bass traps have made a huge difference to my drum room. Sound used to bounce around the room creating a muddy mess of noise. But now the bass drum sounds tighter and has real punch, the cymbals have controlled, faster decay and snare and toms really pop. I can also hear backing tracks while I'm drumming much clearer now. So much better A+++"

Get the acoustic panels the professionals use and enjoy all the benefits of a great sounding room at a very reasonable price.

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