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New Zealand Blues Albums

Classic albums by New Zealand Blues artists including The Remarkable Beat Roosters, Hammond Gamble, Susan de Jong, Mike Garner, Brian Harley, Carmel Courtney, Mike Arthur, Nigel Spiers & Simon Marks.

US Odyssey

(Susan de Jong & Friends)

A musical road trip through the U.S. with
twelve original Blues, Jazz, Gospel and
R&B tracks by Nigel Spiers and featuring;

Susan de Jong - Lead vocals
Carmel Courtney - Sax
Mike Arthur - Guitar
Nigel Spiers - Vocals & Organ
The CPIT 'Ooh Ya Ya' Gospel Choir - BV's
Session musicians from throughout America.
         US Odyssey Album Cover

"In 2006 I had the opportunity to travel around the U.S. with friends on a musical road trip culminating in the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Inspired by Gospel, Blues and Broadway music in New York and the Jazz in New Orleans these are the songs I wrote on the road.
Right from the start I had Susan in mind for the vocals. While she is a renowned Australasian Jazz singer and tutor I always knew she had the soul to sing the blues. As a consummate artist and true professional she rose to the challenge and "nailed" every song ‐ most of them in one take.
Carmel Courtney on sax and Mike Arthur on guitar are two other national treasures and two of my all time favourite musicians. It was an honour to work with them and the fabulous CPIT Ooh Ya Ya Gospel Choir."
.....Nigel Spiers

Sample Tracks (full length MP3's
at 192 kbps)

Long Distance Love Affair - Nigel Spiers

Bye & Bye - Nigel Spiers

Spark In The Night - Nigel Spiers

                 Track Listing

You Don't Love Me
Never Been In Love
Spark In The Night
He's Gone
Down In Dixieland
Long Distance Love Affair

Ooh Ya Ya
Set Me Free
Bye & Bye
Come To Me
Let Them Talk Part 1
Let Them Talk

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